Spy apps for Android: Full Guide

People search for the truth about others. They want to find it with less stress. Moreover, people strive to do it secretly avoiding the risk of ruining relationships and trust. That’s why they turn to spy apps as a way out. It’s not that easy to find good spying apps. It’s like finding a reliable ally who can keep secrets, stores safely your data, and knows the technique of how to do it. Here’s an overview of the best hidden spy apps for Android that proved to be the most powerful on the monitoring market.

Spy apps: Top 3 reviews of hidden spy apps for Android

Before dwelling on each of them, let’s find out what they have in common:
  • Spying apps need to be installed on the target device
  • They run in a stealth mode
  • They are invisible for another person and undetectable by programs and antiviruses
  • Once installed, there’s no need for physical access to monitor a target device
  • Spy apps deliver the data to an online account (the Control Panel, portal, platform).
  • Their use is allowed by the European law under certain terms.
Now, let’s overview each of them.


mSpy is a leader in the monitoring market among spy apps. It was created in 2010 and grew up into a fully-fletched, complex monitoring tool. It contains 30 features. It attracted confidently its niche of customers: overprotective aka helicopter parents, guardians, adult children of elder parents who need to be tracked for safety purposes, business and romantic partners.


It is an appropriate analog to mSpy. It expanded their list of operating systems to work on. However, the list of features is the same: tracking GPS location, call logs, SMS, instant messengers (WhatsApp, Viber), contacts from a phonebook, Calendar. In comparison with other spy apps, it doesn’t monitor installed apps and doesn’t block them respectively. Also, a user can always disable certain features remotely by sending remote control commands. It poses as one of the best spy apps to monitor kids and employees. SpyBubble meets specific, narrow needs of people. In terms of tech development – it is a reliable tool to fish for concrete data about another person.

Mobile Spy

It is a well-deserved representative in the niche of spy apps. Its undeniable asset is monitoring Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp.
The app is particularly convenient for those who need to notice some regularities. There’s the feature Top Ten Reports that outlines the most commonly used sites, contacts, emails, etc. Also, if a user needs to know the GPS location of the phone immediately, they receive SMS with relevant details.

The features of Android spy apps

Spy apps vary by their features. Some use remote commands, others don’t. They may contain optionally ambient recording, device locking, reporting in CSV format. But flagship features are the same:
  • GPS location tracking
  • Putting geo fences (geofencing) on a virtual map to follow movements
  • Keylogger which is recording every keystroke typed by the handset’s owner
  • Keywords alerts which notify about specific typed words or phrases
  • Apps monitoring and blocking
  • Contacts and Calendar Events monitoring
  • Photos, videos, and emails monitoring
  • Viewing the whole web history (searches, bookmarks, visited sites)

How to use Android spy apps?

To get started with spy apps, one needs to make three simple steps: to purchase the app, access an online account given after the registration within the system, and follow the installation instructions provided there.
Usually, teams support their customers and offer multiple support channels. This is the first sign of a good service – a few ways for a user to get in touch with the team.
Also, a target device has to be connected constantly to the Internet. Otherwise, a customer won’t get timely updates about activities with the phone.
To sum up
When looking for spy apps, you need to drill into the subject, regarding whether every single option meets your specific needs. The second step is to work things out with the compatibility of the app with a target device. And finally, install it and start using at your pace.